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Fried Chicken Erasers
  • Fried Chicken Erasers
  • Fried Chicken Erasers
  • Fried Chicken Erasers
  • Fried Chicken Erasers
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Fried Chicken Erasers

Now you KFC me...

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Fried Chicken Erasers
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  • Turns out grease is amazing at erasing
  • Rub out any pencil drawing with hilarious rubber drumsticks
  • 100% vegan friendly
  • Coated in our signature blend of spices
  • Fries sold separately


Fed up of rubbing the contents of your precious bargain bucket over those silly pencil mistakes? Save the chicken for your mouth, we’ve got a much better solution to your little written blunders.

Pull out one of these colonels of rubber and get to work on erasing whatever idiotic mistake you’ve made. Misspelt words, clumsy slip ups, or just a mean drawing of that colleague you hate with stink lines coming off him - all gone in the swish of a drumstick.

Next time you put a line wrong in your life drawing class, reach for one of these instead of the KFC app. At least 427% cheaper and more effective. A bit less tasty, though.

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  • "I work in a kindergarten class, they love using them. One asked me today where I got the. "
    - 11th of September, 2019