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    Looks like Rob is out of favour today!

    Social networking. We reckon it’s going to be big. But while it finds it feet online, why not update your status, post comments and upload photos directly to your fridge? Taking its inspiration from that other well known social networking site, Fridgebook Magnets is an alternative way to organise your life in full view of your friends.

    This set of wipe-clean fridge magnets comes with a dry-erase marker pen for updating your status, making comments, and posting messages. Use your ‘Like’ magnet to hold down your local takeaway menus. Keep bills safe with the ‘Dislike’ magnet. Stick party invitations under ‘Events’ and put happy snaps of your friends under, well... ‘Friends’. You get the picture.

    Magnets for wall posts, status, comments, events, photos, friends, profile, notes like and dislike

    Fridgebook Magnets are a great gift for tech-heads and technophobes alike. And they make an excellent stand-in when your broadband is on the fritz.

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