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    Placing the Fridgepad onto the Fridge

    Pop onto your fridge

    Everyone knows the best place to stick your artwork is on the fridge. But what about your essays, recipes, photographs, videos, emails, favourite music and more? We’re talking about all of the media on your faithful iPad, of course. Well, if you have a FridgePad all that can go on the fridge door too!

    Just clip your precious tablet into the FridgePad and it’ll be held in place by a powerful MegaMagnet. Yes, before you ask, this is as awesome as it sounds. The MegaMagnet is capable of carrying up to 25 times its own weight, so holding onto your iPad is a doddle. Slam the fridge door and tap on your touchscreen as much as you like. With your iPad in the FridgePad it won’t move a millilmetre.

    reverse view of magnet

    MegaMagnet keeps your iPad safe

    The FridgePad is ideal for following recipes, catching up on the news, or listening to music while you’re busying away in the kitchen. And keeping it away from the worktop saves it from any spills, crumbs and sticky fingers.

    The clever design has even been future-proofed by featuring removable corner pieces. So when the iPad 3, 4 and 5 eventually come along you’ll be able to buy new corners to fit their shape. This is truly the most advanced and forward-thinking fridge magnet we have ever seen!

    Colours available:
    White Silver Black




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