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Fridge Magnet Bottle Opener

    Fridge Magnet Bottle Opener

    Avoid shocking dental bills with the fridge magnet bottle opener.

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      Dentistry's come a long way in recent years. What would have passed for an A1 set of gnashers 20 years ago, though, no longer cuts the orthodontic mustard. Anyone with a mouthful of chipped, crooked pegs is now about as welcome in social circles as a knife-wielding badger at a stoat convention. With this in mind, Firebox takes great pleasure in introducing the fridge magnet bottle opener from sartorial movers and shakers, Suck UK. Guaranteed to keep those of us with the nifty talent for opening bottles with their teeth well away from that Government-sanctioned sadist, the dentist.

      Red, White and Black Available in the original polished Stainless Steel or new Red, Black and White versions, the fridge magnet bottle opener sticks fast to any metallic surface and provides year upon year of bottle cap-loosening expertise. Team it with one of our range of Fridgeplay games and you've got everything you need for an classic night in without ever having to leave the confines of the kitchen.

      Fridge magnet bottle opener The bottle opener's talents don't stop at merely opening bottles, of course. Looking for all the world like some sort of mirrored CCTV camera, it should stop midnight pantry raiders firmly in their tracks into the bargain.

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