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Fresher Essentials Bundle
  • Fresher Essentials Bundle

Fresher Essentials Bundle

Egghead essentials

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    So you’ve made it into college, look out world! To celebrate we’ve thrown together some must-haves for any bright-eyed new student in our Fresher Essentials pack.

    We have a lot of respect for these fortresses of higher learning and important intellectual pursuits, which is why we’ve focused on the key aspects of college. Eating, Drinking and Games (with optional drinking).

    Dynamo or David Blaine?

    Impress your housemates with magic!
    RRP £12.99

    duff animation

    Sit down together with a Duff
    RRP £24.99

    happy drinking

    No one can steal your drink in this
    RRP £13.99

    So stuff your book bag with some Gold Playing Cards, a box of delicious Duff Beer and the mind-bendingly excellent Hopside Down Glass to drink it from. Plus, because we know how tight the student life can be, we’ve knocked over a fiver off the price.

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