Fresh Fiber Cassette 3D Printed iPhone Case
  • Fresh Fiber Cassette 3D Printed iPhone Case

Fresh Fiber Cassette 3D Printed iPhone Case

‘Cos spools are cool

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    Detail - camera hole

    Access to all the necessary buttons and lenses without removing the case

    Disguising your iPhone as an old school audio cassette is a bit like dressing your plasma in a smock. But for some unfathomable reason amalgamating obsolete technology with cutting edge jiggery-pokery is totally cool. And we should know because we’ve just fast-forwarded to the future via the retro-tastic Fresh Fiber Cassette 3D Printed iPhone Case.

    With its dual-spool styling this super sturdy nylon fibre case (they say fiber, we say fibre) looks just like the kind of thing 20th century kids used to pilfer the Top 40 off the radio and record gran prattling on about the price of Spam. But unlike a real C-90 it has been crafted via laser using a special 3D printing machine that replicates the design held on a digital file. As Tony Blackburn might say: rockadoodle doo!

    Curled top corners

    Curled top edges protect your iPhone

    Slim but textured for grip, the Fresh Fiber’s curled top edges help protect your precious screen, and although it feels fairly rigid it’s boingy enough to absorb an impact that would incapacitate a naked iPhone. Best of all you won’t need a pencil to unravel its tangled contents because…well, because all your music’s digitised, innit!

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