Fresh Fiber Camera 3D Printed iPhone Case
  • Fresh Fiber Camera 3D Printed iPhone Case

Fresh Fiber Camera 3D Printed iPhone Case

Shutter uppa ya phone

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    Wear around the neck like a real camera using a lanyard (not included)

    As the mighty iPhone continues to converge technology at an astounding rate, carrying multiple gizmos is becoming increasingly unnecessary. But for those of you who still enjoy pretending you’ve got a classic camera in your pocket allow us to present the Fresh Fiber Camera 3D Printed iPhone Case.

    Fashioned to resemble a pocket camera, this stylish nylon fibre case is perfect for all you snap-happy iPhoners. Onlookers won’t know whether to marvel at your originality or strike a pose. But don’t be fooled – the Fresh Fiber is far from a novelty because it has been laser-crafted via a special 3D printing machine that replicates the design held on a digital file. We’re talking serious quality, folks.

    Detail close-up

    Protect your precious camera
    lens with the sliding screen

    As well as its striking aesthetic appeal, this slim textured case features curled top edges to help protect your precious screen, and although it feels fairly rigid it’s boingy enough to absorb the kind of impact that would incapacitate a butt naked iPhone. Ready? Say sausages!

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