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Fresh Fiber 3D Printed Macedonia iPhone Case
  • Fresh Fiber 3D Printed Macedonia iPhone Case

Fresh Fiber 3D Printed Macedonia iPhone Case

A case of intertwining inspiration

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    Detail close-up

    Access to all ports and buttons

    Unless you’re a secret agent your iPhone is probably one of the most advanced, desirable and downright cool things you’ve ever owned. So why stick it in some nondescript case that you bought as an afterthought when you can slip it in the Fresh Fiber 3D Printed Macedonia iPhone Case.

    With its intriguing intertwining framework modelled on the unique structure of bird bones (yes, really) this lightweight case will protect your iPhone from bumps and knocks, adding an eye-catching touch of originality to boot.


    Slim design fits in pocket easily

    Crafted in super sturdy nylon fibre (they say fiber, we say fibre) that combines the soul of wood with the flexibility of leather, the Macedonia’s complex shock-breaking pattern is fused into shape via laser, one layer at a time. How? A digital file is fed into a special 3D print machine that replicates the design for real using all kinds of high-tech jiggery pokery. It’s almost as ingenious as your iPhone.

    Slim but textured for grip, the Macedonia’s curled top edges help protect your precious screen, and although it feels fairly rigid it’s boingy enough to absorb an impact that would probably incapacitate a naked iPhone.

    Four colours available:
    all colours

    Stone White


    Graphite Black


    Yes, you could make do with that boring ol’ case you bought in the phone shop but a gizmo of the iPhone’s status deserves something out of the ordinary. And before you ask, no, we’ve got no idea why it’s named after a Balkan country (but we might look it up on our funky Macedonia-swathed iPhone).

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