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Face your future

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  • Find out exactly how you’ll look when you’re old (spoiler: it’s wrinkly)
  • Mourn the days of your youthful good looks
  • A constant fragrant reminder that you’re going to die
  • 3 invigorating scents per pack - New Car, Used Car and Old Banger
  • Photos used will probably not be sent to the Russian government


Ever wondered what you might look like in the future? Don’t bother trying to imagine the precise sag of your jowls and bag of your eyelids a second longer - we’ll just show you!

Upload your favourite selfie and we’ll turn it into a set of three air fresheners - with a twist. One will be your lovely present-day self, scented like a cosy used car. One will be a young, sprightly, wide-eyed, baby-faced you, bursting with the factory freshness of a new car. One will be a crusty old pensioner who won’t let the little boy from next door have his football back after he accidentally kicked it over the garden fence. That last one smells like a proper old banger. Musty. Damp. Very slightly like piss. It’s practically a multi-sensory window into the future.

Better hope you don’t get stopped by the police or they’ll think you’re lying about your identity and cuff you for being a time-traveller. A time-traveller who was going 90mph down a B road.

(Sadly this product isn’t real, but you can make it happen if you really want to! Just use FaceApp to make yourself old or young, then upload that photo as your Fresh Face pic. We promise not to laugh at the saggy old version of you or send your photos to the Russian government so they can make deepfakes out of them.)

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