Freeze & Go Wine Cooler
  • Freeze & Go Wine Cooler
  • Freeze & Go Wine Cooler

Freeze & Go Wine Cooler

Chill in style

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  • Fold & Freeze
  • Unfold & Pack
  • Keep your bottle of vino cold for up to 10 hours
  • You'll be the coolest wino in the park!


Drinking outside has always been a tough one to pull off. Even when putting aside the whiff of the lush and park bench boozer, drinking in style outside has always been a bit of a rush job. No matter what you try the wine is going to get warm. Either in an ice bucket or in carrier bag transit.

Sure everyone smiles and sips their luke warm white wine, whilst smiling in your face, but inside they’re fuming. Don’t bring wine to a BBQ/Picnic if you can’t keep it at optimum temperature you oaf/halfwit/eejit/divvy (delete as applicable). So what can you do? Well, we have just the chilled ticket. The chicket. The Freeze and Go Wine Cooler.

Thanks to Packit's patented freezable gel-liner, your drink will stay cool for up to 10 hours! No melting ice or bulky toxic ice packs. Simply store the folded bag in the freezer (for 12 hours) until you're ready to pack it and go!

Obviously works best for white wine, rosé, champagne etc but don’t be afraid of putting a bottle of red in there. Nobody can stop you. You’re a booze rule breaker!

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