Freeze & Go Lunch Bag
  • Freeze & Go Lunch Bag
  • Freeze & Go Lunch Bag

Freeze & Go Lunch Bag

Everybody be cool. You, be cool.

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  • Fold & Freeze
  • Unfold & Pack
  • Keep food and drink cool and fresh for up to 10 hours
  • No more sweaty lettuce, perspiring meat and sickly warm dandelion and burdock


Making your own lunch is a rewarding endeavour. You're in charge. You're living life by your rules. Controlling your food, saving money, opting out of the fast-food/restaurant/burger van rat race, feeling smug.

But it's beset on all sides with potential problems and faffing, most notably when it comes to transit and temperature. Mangled sandwiches, warm drinks, sweating food. The moment you leave the house it's starting to lose optimum coolness. Never mind the times you get to work and forget to put it in the fridge. What an epic tale of woe.

This is why you need, yes NEED, the Freeze & Go Lunch Bag.

Thanks to Packit's patented freezable gel-liner, your lunch will stay cool for up to 10 hours! No melting ice or bulky toxic ice packs. Simply store the folded bag in the freezer (for 12 hours) until you're ready to pack it and go!

The Freeze & Go Lunch Bag is the sturdy, stylish way to keep your lunch/picnic safe, cool and fresh. So, just chill.

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