Freeze Cooling Pint Glass
  • Freeze Cooling Pint Glass

Freeze Cooling Pint Glass

Fancy a cold one?

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  • Keep your boozy beverages perfectly cold for hours
  • Say goodbye to depressing lukewarm beer
  • Contains a mesmeric internal cooling gel
  • Made from hardy acrylic with an insulating silicone grip
  • No need for ugly cool-boxes or dribbly freezer sleeves
  • Perfect for beer, juice or slightly oversized cocktails


Unless it's an ale (and even then), warm beer is a truly unacceptable abomination. It's a kick in the teeth. It's immoral. No one ever tolerated a cold tea or coffee, and with good reason. So why do people think it's okay to serve hot beer?

With the Freeze Cooling Pint Glass at your disposal you can kiss goodbye to miserable lukewarm lager forever! Thanks to a thermal gel sealed within its stylish acrylic body, this chilling chalice stays nice and frosty for much longer than ice and it won't dilute your beloved brew.

For those serious beer connoisseurs out there, you can use this smart glass to chill your chosen tipple to absolute perfection. Pop it in the freezer to keep the glass between 3-5°C – the optimal temperature for crisp lagers, ales and porters. Or put it in the fridge and it'll cool your glass to around 10-13°C – the ideal temperature for an IPA.

Or take it out of the chiller entirely and just keep turning it upside-down; mesmerising yourself with the lava lamp-like cooling gel.

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5 Reviews

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  • "Genius idea a great space saver in the fridge as there is no need to cool the beer!"
    Avril - 1st of February, 2017
  • "Great idea and keeps beer cool whilst keeping your hand from freezing."
    Clare - 30th of June, 2015
  • "Awesome, amazing, perfect."
    Ro - 22nd of April, 2015
  • "Enjoyed several nice cold beers from the one freeze, well worth it in this sunny weather we're having!"
    Alex - 16th of April, 2015
  • "Does exactly what it says it will. Keeps drinks cold and will be great for outdoors in summer too (if I'm not busy that weekend)."
    Tracy - 23rd of March, 2015