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Freeloader Pro Solar Charger
  • Freeloader Pro Solar Charger

Freeloader Pro Solar Charger

Pro power in your pocket

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    Freeloader Solar Charger

    FreeLoader Pro

    Running out of juice when you're chatting on your mobile, battling aliens on your PSP or listening to your iPod is one of the most annoying things known to mankind. Well it’s not, but it's irritating nonetheless. Thankfully portable gizmos are rechargeable, so you merely plug them into the nearest socket and wait.

    But what do you do when you're nowhere near a power source? Well it just so happens that, unless you're reading this from the Planet Tharg, you're always near a power source: the sun.

    Okay, so it's not that near, but 93 million miles is nothing to the ingenious FreeLoader Pro Solar Charger. That's because this smart, eco-friendly device soaks up the power of the sun and stores it for up to 3 months. You can then use it to charge up your electronic gadgets, anytime, anyplace. Think of it as a portable solar-powered battery.

    Freeloader Solar Charger

    Charges most portable gizmos

    If you are into full-on photography you’ll know that solar chargers can be a tad wimpy when it comes to juicing up the brickish batteries used by pro SLR cameras and big ol’ vidcams. But now, thanks to the remarkably powerful FreeLoader Pro, you can power up even the beefiest of battery.

    Crafted in lightweight aerospace aluminium with advanced solar panels, this flashy device is the only solar charger capable of charging ALL rectangular, camera-based batteries. And before you ask, yes, it also charges iPhones, iPods, mobiles, sat navs and other portable gizmos.

    FreeLoader Pro comes with the CamCaddy (which recharges Camcorder batteries)...

    Freeloader Solar Charger Freeloader Solar Charger Freeloader Solar Charger

    Adjust battery holder accordingly

    Connect your FreeLoader Pro

    LEDs indicate the status

    Freeloader Solar Charger

    FreeLoader Pro Power Indicator

    Power is transferred to gadgets faster than you can say ‘Get in there, my sun’ (well, less than 1.5 hours), using one of the 10 supplied adapter tips or the ingenious Camcaddy (supplied). This smart accessory features an adjustable sliding bar allowing it to accommodate virtually every camera battery going. Brilliant.

    The FreeLoader Pro even indicates how much power its amazingly capacious internal battery contains, so never again will you be left gawping in despair at a blank screen. Nice work, sunshine!

    Whether you're stuck in nowhereville, hiking in the wilderness or miles from civilisation, the FreeLoader Pro is a must-have accessory. After all, a portable gadget minus power is as much use as a rhubarb wristwatch.

    Freeloader Battery Charger Accessory

    Freeloader Solar Charger

    FreeLoader Pro Power Indicator

    If you think the FreeLoader is forehead-slappingly clever, check out this nifty charger: it plugs into the FreeLoader and siphons power from its solar battery to charge 2xAA or 2xAAA rechargeable batteries.

    When the sun won’t play ball you can also charge the batteries directly via USB (standalone, FreeLoader not required!) and then use your charged batteries to feed your FreeLoader. Brilliant, in a switcheroo kinda way! Finally, you can even pop regular batteries into the FreeLoader Battery Charger and use them to juice up any device compatible with the FreeLoader. Armed with this genius peripheral, running out of power is simply not an option. Charge!

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