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Freeloader Pico Solar Charger
  • Freeloader Pico Solar Charger

Freeloader Pico Solar Charger

Pico power in your pocket

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    Freeloader Solar Charger

    The Pico comes with several adaptors

    Running out of juice when you're chatting on your mobile, battling aliens on your PSP or listening to your iPod is one of the most annoying things known to mankind. Well it’s not, but it's irritating nonetheless. Thankfully portable gizmos are rechargeable, so you merely plug them into the nearest socket and wait.

    But what do you do when you're nowhere near a power source? Well it just so happens that, unless you're reading this from the Planet Tharg, you're always near a power source: the sun.

    Okay, so it's not that near, but 93 million miles is nothing to the ingenious FreeLoader Solar Charger. That's because this smart, eco-friendly device soaks up the power of the sun and stores it for up to 3 months. You can then use it to charge up your electronic gadgets, anytime, anyplace. Think of it as a portable solar-powered battery.

    Freeloader Solar Charger

    Plug in any USB chargeable device

    Perfect for bunging in your back pocket for whenever you need that emergency charge the Freeloader Pico boasts an impressive 800mA battery and will give you an extra 35 hours stand-by time on your mobile phone. Charged via USB or the sun via it's impressive 75mA solar panel and featuring a LED charge status indicator so you'll never be caught short of power.

    Whether you're stuck in nowhereville, hiking in the wilderness or miles from civilisation, the FreeLoader Pico is a must-have accessory. After all a portable gadget minus power is as much use as a rhubarb wristwatch.

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