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FreeLoader Solar Charger
  • FreeLoader Solar Charger

FreeLoader Solar Charger

Even more power in your pocket

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    Classic looks with new features!

    Running out of juice when you’re jabbering away on your mobile, fingering your iPad or listening to your iPod is fist-bitingly infuriating, especially if you’re not near a power source. But you’re always near a power source: the sun.

    Okay, 93 million miles is not that near but it’s nothing to the ingenious FreeLoader Solar Charger. Now 25% more powerful and capable of holding 20% more charge, this new and improved eco-friendly device stores its solar energy for up to 3 months, so you can charge your gadgets, anytime, anyplace.


    Comes with 9 interchangeable tips and USB cable

    With an all new LCD data panel displaying battery status and charging source (sun or USB), the lightweight aluminium FreeLoader comes with nine adapters for all your power-hungry bits and bobs. There’s even a Micro USB adaptor in there. Pack umpteen clumpy chargers in a suitcase? No thanks. All hail the sun! All hail the FreeLoader!

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