Fred-O-Matic Kitchen Timer

    Fred-O-Matic Kitchen Timer

    Old timer with a modern twist

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      There are plenty of products out there for the serious chef, but what about the not-so-serious chef? We reckon the Ramsays and Novellis of this world have made cooking far too serious. After all, messing about in the kitchen is supposed to be fun. That's why we just adore Fred-O-Matic.

      Fredomatic An ideal gift for the chef who has everything, this whimsical little kitchen timer looks like it's just escaped from one of those garish American ads from the 50s; you know, the ones where dad looks like Cary Grant, mum looks like Doris Day and every domestic appliance is a Something-O-Matic.

      Fredomatic The difference is Fred-O-Matic utilises electronic wizardry to time things to perfection. As well as showing the time, its smart digital display becomes a handy 99-minute timer at the touch of a button - great for timing your eggs, soufflés or whatevers to perfection. Better still, when the countdown reaches zero, Fred-O-Matic plays hilariously naff ditties, whirls its blades and bounces its styrofoam beads. A vast improvement on the time-honoured 'ding!' and infinitely more entertaining.

      We guarantee you'll be unable to suppress a giggle every time you hear one of Fred-O-Matic's cornball tunes. In fact you'll be activating this cutesy device even when there's nothing to time because its phoney blending action is seriously captivating.

      Fredomatic At a dinky 6.5" tall, Fred-O-Matic will add a touch of retro charm to any work surface. Apart from getting Ainsley Harriott to shake his percy pepper to the tune of Sale of the Century whilst the Fonz makes you a milkshake, we can think of no finer way to add a touch of kitsch to you kitchen. So get ordering before Fred-O-Matic becomes Gone-O-Matic!

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