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Freaky Body Illusions
  • Freaky Body Illusions

Freaky Body Illusions

Euw! Now that's gotta hurt!

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    Freaky Body Illusions

    Stretch your earlobe

    Forget about waggling your ears and rolling your eyeballs. If you want to freak out your mates you need to perform some truly icky body tricks. And we're not talking about showing the entire pub your double-jointed thumb routine; we're talking about jostling with a freshly severed arm, twisting your head 360°, stretching your earlobe down to your shoulder, flossing your brain and levitating! It's easy with Marvin's Magic Freaky Body Illusions.

    Freaky Body Illusions

    Give us a hand

    This utterly brilliant box of tricks contains everything you need to completely astound/repulse/flummox your mates - no hexes, curses, lotions or potions required. Indeed the only people who are going to need medical assistance are your audience, as the illusions will cause jaws to drop and eyeballs to pop. But what of the actual tricks? Well, we won't give too much away but here are a few:

    Freaky Body Illusions

    The Living Hand

    The Torn Arm

    The Head Twister

    The Living Hand: Looks like you're carrying a moving severed hand. Amazing!

    The Torn Arm: As above but even gorier!

    The Head Twister: You can twist your head, Exorcist-styley, 360°.

    Freaky Body Illusions

    Brain Flossing

    Body Levitation

    Bone Cruncher

    Brain Flossing: You can 'floss' your brain via your lugholes. Urgh!

    Body Levitation: You can actually float above the ground. Gobsmacking!

    Bone Cruncher: Sounds like you can break and crack your bones. Ouch!

    As with every quality illusion, the tricks contained within Freaky Body Illusions require practice, but once you've got 'em down you'll be unable to resist showing everyone your frankly disturbing skills. In fact you'll make the combined efforts of David Blaine and Penn and Teller look about as cutting edge as Paul Daniels pulling hankies from under his wig.

    Freaky Body Illusions

    Nice box of tricks

    Some of the included props are small enough to take to the pub, so you can impress, amuse and shock when out and about. And believe us, levitating by the bar as you floss your brain and hold you pint with a severed arm is infinitely more impressive than flipping beer mats. In fact, no matter where you perform your tricks (within reason!), people will be totally flabbergasted. Now that's magic!

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