Fox Lap Warmer
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Fox Lap Warmer

Fur Cold Nights

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  • Snuggle up with this adorable bushy-tailed mammal
  • Luxuriously soft and squishy plush feel
  • This wireless lap warmer charges via the included USB charger
  • Stays toasty warm for up to 6 hours
  • Doesn't scream terrifyingly in the night


When we think of foxes and their antics there's a few things that likely spring to mind. Hanging around in garbage, dabbling in filth and disease, a highly terrifying penchant for OTT mating calls. Well, not this little fella. All he wants to do is keep you toasty and warm.

This cuddly nocturnal critter is here to keep you cosy as opposed to tearing open all your bin-bags.

This luxuriously soft and squishy plush heated pillow features a concealed rechargeable battery. A mere hours charge will give you 4-6 hours of snug euphoria.

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4 Reviews

Average 4.5/5 stars
  • "Cute little fox that gets super warm. Such a hit that my boyfriend stole it."
    Lisa - 11th of October, 2016
  • "Love it, very cuddly and cute, could be warmer though."
    Terri - 25th of February, 2016
  • "Warm and cuddly as heck."
    Jay - 21st of January, 2016
  • "A really cool pillow, just right to sleep on and to hold you warm on cold days for a few hours (maybe till you're asleep) :) "
    Christopher - 18th of January, 2016