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Fork Yourself: Make your own Forky Kit
  • Fork Yourself: Make your own Forky Kit
  • Fork Yourself: Make your own Forky Kit

Fork Yourself: Make your own Forky Kit

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Fork Yourself: Make your own Forky Kit
Every Friday we bring one of our mad ideas "to life". This particular Friday we just really wanted to spend the afternoon making our own Forkies, so we did!

You can't actually buy this "kit", but we're pretty sure your local craft store has all the bits you need.

Wanna see what else we've come up with? Come this way.
Love it as much as we do?
  • Don’t just buy a Forky, make 100 Forkies!
  • Give him the smile that only you could paint on
  • Comes with everything you need to bring your own Forky to life
  • May mysteriously end up in the bin
  • Sentience not included
  • Quality of finished product may be dependent on crafting ability


Obsessed with the star of Toy Story 4, spork-turned-toy Forky? Now you can make your own!

No need to bother commissioning a toddler to make you one, just do it yourself with our Fork Yourself: DIY Forky Kit! It comes with everything needed to craft your very own version of Hollywood’s most famous spork. Start with a deluxe white spork as your base and fashion his limbs together with the included expert crafting materials.

You even get to paint on his goofy little grin yourself - or make him grumpy if you’re mean. Just remember that he’ll be stuck that way forever.

Why stop at one Forky? For people who are really bored and REALLY hate the planet, this kit contains enough materials to make 100 of the crazy little guys!

With a bit of crafting magic, you'll be inseparably attached to your new sentient cutlery pals in no time.

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