Forever Flashlight

    Forever Flashlight

    Let there be light (no batteries required!)

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      How many times have you rejoiced at finally finding your torch, only to discover that the confounded batteries are dead? Well now, thanks to the amazing Forever Flashlight, you can consign such scenarios to the past, because this ingenious torch is activated via a quick shake.

      How, you ask? Well, according to the Faraday Principle of Induction, any change in the magnetic environment of a coil will induce voltage. No, we don't really understand it either, but for some reason giving the Forever Flashlight a 15-30 second jiggle means you'll never be left in the dark again.

      With its tough transparent casing Forever Flashlight looks as good as it feels, and you can even watch as the magnet bounces in between the coil to produce the juice. Leave Forever Flashlight unused in your car, garage or cellar for years and you'll always get that all-important light when you need it. What's more, it's waterproof, floats and is completely maintenance free! A lifetime of light at your fingertips – batteries not included (no, seriously!).

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