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    While all those lean, athletic types were out playing football as kids, we were all indoors – sniffing haughtily at their foolish muckaboutery, as we played a game of skill, strategy and devilish cunning. We’re talking of course about Subbuteo.

    Now, this classic game of flick-and-kick is making a comeback. But curse our pudgy grown-up fingers, it’s just not big enough! Which is why we’ve upscaled our antics to the life-sized world of Footbooteo.

    Truly the champion game of all, Footbooteo lets you relive all of your favourite games from the last 60 years. Just strap your feet into these giant ABS discs and ask your friends to push you onto the ball, dribble up the field and score!

    Immerse yourself in the action as any of Subbuteo’s best-known players, from the long-haired one to the short-haired one. Each Footbooteo team is made up of 4 outfield players, 1 goalkeeper and 1 substitute. And thanks to the red and blue colours you can play as literally any team in the world.

    Each 50cm diameter disc is Teflon-coated for smooth gliding over any surface. Play on the 90 x 120m green baize included, or take this portable set with you to the beach or the park. It’s great for picnics, parties, corporate team-building and more! It’s like Subbuteo... just more grown-up.

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