Football Monopoly

    Football Monopoly

    The beautiful game... on a board!

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    Manchester United edition (pictured) sold out, Chelsea FC edition available.


      Gone are the days when professional football was all about half-time oranges, jumbo sideburns, the babblings of Jimmy Hill and nice but unspectacular wage packets. Today the beautiful game is all about millionaire managers, zillionaire owners, sponsored stadiums and bad-boy billionaire players. But hey, that's progress. And despite football's ever-increasing wonga-obsession it is still the most popular sport on the planet. Some of the games are pretty good, too!

      And that's exactly why the clever people behind Monopoly have created a footie-based version of everyone's favourite board game. Football Monopoly is just as enthralling as the bestselling classic we all know and love; the big difference here is that properties are now superstar players, hotels are stadiums, houses are stands, and Community Chest and Chance cards are Home and Away cards.

      We're currently selling a Chelsea FC edition of Football Monopoly, but all that could change if Wigan win the Premiership or West Ham become champions of Europe. We did say "if".

      Each edition of Football Monopoly features current stars alongside heroes from years gone by, and all the stands and stadiums are bang up to date. Budding Glazers will be in takeover bid heaven! Just like regular Monopoly players must accumulate wealth in order to build an all-powerful portfolio. But take it from us, if you're a football fanatic, buying Anfield and Old Trafford is far more entertaining than buying the Old Kent Road and Angel Islington.

      Football Monopoly

      Even if you haven't played Monopoly for yonks you'll soon get back into the swing of things because the glam soccer angle makes Football Monopoly even more entertaining than the original. All you need to do now is decide which team to go for. But hurry up, because as Ron Atkinson might say, "You haven't got acres of time in which to be lightning slow". (Yacht, helicopter and good solicitor not included).

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