Foot & Lower Leg Massage Kit
  • Foot & Lower Leg Massage Kit

Foot & Lower Leg Massage Kit

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    Cycling, walking and running are fun (oh yes they are), but they can be murder on your feet. Overdo it and you could find yourself nursing all sorts of injuries; from niggling twinges to hobbling strains. But don’t let that put you off! Because the Foot & Lower Leg Massage Kit will give you all the relief you need, loosening tight muscles and soothing the knots.

    Armed with this harmless looking kit you can relieve all manner of ailments in your Plantar Fascia, Heel, Achilles Tendon, Arch, Calf, Shins, Soleus, Metatarsals and more.

    Using the wheel on the block

    Using the wheel on the block

    Using two balls

    Using the two balls

    wheel on the floor

    Wheel on the floor

    Top athletes swear by them. Literally! Because rolling your tight muscles over one of these babies is akin to an elephant unicycling up your leg. Whether you’re left in a mewing heap afterwards or you bravely muscle through the giggle/pain barrier; these supremely handy rollers will ease your aches and loosen stiff joints in no time.

    To make sure you get the most from this complete kit, a handy DVD will guide you step by step through a full programme of massage and exercises. Aromatherapy? Candles? Forget ‘em. This programme is as tough, intense, and bafflingly addictive as exercise itself. Well, you know what they say – no pain, no gain!

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