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Foot In The Door

High heel that thinks it's a wedge

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    Foot in the Door
    Foot that door!
    We never thought we'd see the day we started selling door wedges. Then again we never thought we'd see Pink Floyd reform, Gandalf turn up in Coronation Street or George Galloway dance with Pete Burns.

    The thing is Foot in the Door is no ordinary door wedge as it looks exactly like a sexy stiletto. Simply shove the ever-so-dainty toe of this glamorous ladies shoe under the door and hey presto - the door stays exactly where you want it.

    Super grippy, the rugged, rubberised Foot in the Door is ideal for all you Sex and the City-loving fashionistas. Because let's face it, regular doorstops are about as chic as last season's breeze-block collection. And who wants to sully their oh-so-stylish abode with some boring brick-like lump?

    Foot in the Door

    Small, but perfectly formed!

    Of course tightwads might be tempted to take inspiration from this ingenious product and use a real shoe to wedge open doors. Not a good idea, as squashing your Jimmy Choo's or mangling your Manolo's is almost as distressing as slipping in doggie doo and discovering there's a hole in your sole.

    As well as dedicated followers of fashion, Foot in the Door is perfect for billy-no-mates bachelors who want to add a feminine touch to the house. You can even glue one to your foot and sashay around the sitting room. If you want. Although we wouldn't recommend it as A) it's a bit wobbly, and B) your housemates might catch you. So we hear.

    Packaged in a peggable draw-string bag, Foot in the Door makes a great pressie for your shoe-obsessed other-half. It's also incredibly effective at preventing doors from slamming in your face (something that could well happen when the recipient discovers Foot in the Door can't actually be worn). So get ordering - at least your doors will love you for it.

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