Foolin' Around

    Foolin' Around

    IÂ’ve got a feelin' youÂ’re foolin'

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      Summer Sale £5 off! FoolinÂ’ Around is exactly the sort of game you need to inject life into even the dullest parties. If youÂ’ve lumbered yourself with a living room full of ‘sittersÂ’ who are only prepared to rise from their recliners either to snatch a handful of crisps or bag another beer from the fridge, bring out FoolinÂ’ Around and watch the gathered throng indulge in all sorts of ice-breaking tomfoolery with people they showed absolutely no interest in just five minutes earlier.

      Sample tasks include hiding 3 flaccid balloons about your person and then getting a member of the opposite team to try and find them. In a sickeningly cunning twist, though, the team member must ask to touch each part of your anatomy in the voice of a butler - cue appalling snooty impressions of the help and plenty of gratuitous fondling. Another task involves two players from a team acting out invented sexual positions, including ‘Playing the Double Bass’ and ‘Watching Match of the Day’. All good, harmless, reasonably clean fun and sure to spice up a night in with friends quicker than announcing to all and sundry that your unbelievably attractive partner is very keen to ‘swing’.

      FoolinÂ’ Around comes with two FoolinÂ’ Fingers (true or false), a roll of Play Tape (suspect), eight balloons, a timer, two packs of task cards and a score pad. You can choose a game based on simple true or false questions, frenetic team games, or mimes and charades. FoolinÂ’ Around adapts to suit your mood, sort of like the perfect girlfriend, although FoolinÂ’ Around doesnÂ’t steal the covers in the middle of the night, initiate a "state-of-play" conversation when youÂ’re on the cusp of deep, deep sleep, or hammer your credit card week in, week out.

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