• FoodPod


Supper? It’s in the bag!

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    Holding the FoodPod

    The lid/handle easily detaches

    It looks like something from an alien autopsy but the FoodPod is actually a revolutionary cooking vessel. This flexible silicone bag conforms to the shape and size of any pot you choose to plonk it in. Think of it as a high-tech strainer and container. Failing that, think of it as the disembodied brain of an extra terrestrial.

    Designed for boiling, blanching and steaming, the non-stick FoodPod protects pans and lets you strain veg straight from the pot, thus saving water. No sieve or sink required.

    Clipping the FoodPod to the pan Boiling eggs in the FoodPod Draining eggs in the FoodPod

    Clip it to the pan


    and drain!

    Capable of holding several heads of broccoli and up to a dozen eggs, the capacious FoodPod is made from EU food-safe silicone and BPA-free nylon so it won’t make veggies taste like a frogman’s crotch. Use it to cook virtually anything you’d pop in a pan, from green beans to clams. When you’re finished, simply squish it flat in the cupboard. In the words of Gordon Ramsay: done!

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