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Food For Thought Plates

    Food For Thought Plates

    Vegetarians beware!

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      Food For Thought Plates


      Dinner plates can be pretty boring, can't they? And in the increasingly homogenised Noughties minimalist rules dictate that anything with so much as a tiny pattern is naff.

      A shame, as the dead things we plonk on our plates are far too interesting to spend their last moments surrounded by neutral swirls. For this reason we've been looking for some dinner plates with a difference. And by Jove we've found them, in the pop-arty
      shape of the Food for Thought range.

      Food For Thought Plates


      These über cool melamine plates feature diagrams like the ones you sometimes see hanging up in the butchers. You know, the ones that show you which cuts of meat come from which part of the animal. Ideal for meat-lovers, zoology students, trainee butchers and anyone else who enjoys gawping at dissection diagrams.

      Food For Thought Plates


      There are four different plates in the Food for Thought range, each depicting a different animal: Swine, Steer, Lamb and, er, Dog. Yes, dog! Rather unappetizing but amusing nonetheless. Just make sure Rover's not in the room when you reach for this one.

      Food For Thought Plates


      Each retro chic plate is finished in a different pastel shade and will add a funky touch to any table setting, from upmarket to informal. You can even hang them on the wall in true Warhol fashion. Crack them out at your next soiree and we guarantee guests will be racing to clear their plates to find out exactly where that pork chop came from - even the vegetarians will be fascinated. Well, maybe.

      Food For Thought Plates

      Classic Cuts!

      Dishwasher safe, Food for Thought plates are perfect pressies for foodies who don't know their loin from their brisket. And that (probably) means you! So hurry up and hit Buy before everyone decides they want to dissect as they dine.

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