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Food Face

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    Be honest, who has never made a face out of their Full English Breakfast? Second only to sculpting mountains in your mashed potato, making faces out of your food is the best way to get creative with your meal – and usually a sharp ticking off from mum. Well it might have sparked a telling off back in the day, but thanks to Food Face you can play with your food to your heart’s content.

    Mrs Food Face:
    Food Face Plates Mrs Food Face as a farmers wife Mrs Food Face as a Marilyn Munroe Mrs Food Face as a punk

    Mrs Food Face

    Farmers wife

    Marilyn Munroe


    Get those creative juices – ketchup, gravy, custard – flowing and decorate this cheeky cartoon face with all manner of features. Spaghetti hair, sausage eyebrows, a toast moustache, or a great big beard made of peas! Let your imagination (and your appetite) run riot. It’s a great way to have fun with food and introduce new flavours to fussy eaters – after all, sprouts don’t look so bad when they're made into dangly earrings.

    Mr Food Face:
    Mr Food Face Plate Mr Food Face as a farmers Mr Food Face as a punk Mrs Food Face as David Bellamy

    Mrs Food Face



    David Bellamy?!

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