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Follow Cushion

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    Holding the Follow Cushion

    Follow me please!

    Are you an @iamdiddy kind of person? Or is @wossy more your bag? Or maybe you love gawping at @charliesheen? If you know what we’re on about you are indeed a dedicated follower of Twitter. So why not show your appreciation for this online phenomenon with the Follow Cushion.

    Currently trending big-time (at least it is in our office), this handcrafted 100% fleece cushion is adorned with the word ‘Follow’ alongside a regulation ‘add’ icon. It’s even filled with highly squishable polyester fibres, making it perfect for snuggling into after a hard day of tip-tapping utterly pointless 140 character tirades into your gizmo of choice.

    Holding the Follow Cushion

    The add icon

    Brought to you by the achingly cool folks at Throwboy in the good ol’ US of A, the Follow Cushion is sure to garner some well-deserved tweets in your favour. Better still, it makes an ideal gift for any web nerd, especially one who thinks the global online community is remotely interested in what they had for breakfast, or their opinion re Kim Kardashian’s VPL in that photo Perez Hilton uploaded a minute ago. You big Twits!

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