Folding Pocket Secateurs
  • Folding Pocket Secateurs

Folding Pocket Secateurs

Pocket pruners

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    With 4 extra tools built in

    Contains 4 other tools to help with the gardening too!

    Going for a stroll around the grounds on a summer’s afternoon can be great way to spend your time. Especially if you’re doing a little pruning here and there as you go. But whittling your way through the orchard, around the rose garden, across the croquet lawn, amongst the terraces and over the Japanese water feature can leave one fairly knackered. Especially if you’re lugging around a lot of gardening kit.

    snip close up

    Cut through stems as wide as 15mm

    So thank heavens for the Folding Pocket Secateurs. Armed with this discreet pair of snips you can now go about your garden pruning, trimming, cutting and shaping with minimal effort. What’s more, these sturdy secateurs also have four extra tools hidden in the blade: a garden knife for cutting and scoring, a mini saw for larger branches, a weeder for hoiking out the nasties and a handy tool for... well, we’re not quite sure.

    The ideal companion for gardeners of all ages (and abilities), these bitesize secateurs are small enough to pop in your pocket – yet they’re still strong enough to chomp through plant stems as wide as 15mm. So the next time you take a jaunt around the estate, pop a pair in your pocket and save yourself looking like a ruddy-faced pleb when you get back.

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