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Fold Flat USB Mains Charger
  • Fold Flat USB Mains Charger

Fold Flat USB Mains Charger

Slimline foldout plug

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    Folds from 20mm to a full size plug

    It’s all well and good having a super-slim mobile phone, laptop or MP3 player, but if you’re using it a lot, or on an overnight trip, it’s bound to need charging at some point. And unlike your gadgets, a standard three-pin plug adapter isn’t anywhere near as thin and easy to pack. Or at least, it wasn’t.
    Plugged in

    Charges USB via the mains

    Avoid having to cram one of those typical three-pronged spacehogs into your hand luggage and take a Fold Flat USB Mains Charger instead. Cleverly designed to fold to a thickness of 20mm, this svelte DC charger will slip easily into any handbag or jacket pocket. What’s more, by folding the pins together they’re less likely to damage any surrounding material. When you need to charge your gizmo, the mains plug unfolds in a simple two-step process that leaves you wondering why no one thought of it before. Ingenious!

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