Foetal Heart Detector
  • Foetal Heart Detector

Foetal Heart Detector

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    Listen to your baby's heart from
    the comfort of your own home

    They say that while your baby is in the womb he or she can recognise familiar sounds and voices. But what about vice versa? Sure, it’s not like they’re going to be singing in there, but wouldn’t it be nice to hear your baby’s tiny heart beat and the sounds of them growing up? Well now there is a way.

    Using the Foetal Heart Detector you can find out what life is like inside your baby bump. Listen to your baby’s gentle heartbeat, hiccups and movements before they’re even born.

    Simply place it on your bump, and pop on the supplied headphones. You can even record the output to the computer and save it for posterity. It’s a great way to bond with your baby – especially when they’re old enough to recognise and react to your voice.

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