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    Wild holidays are great, aren't they? The trouble is you have to come home. And recreating that banging-week-in-Ibiza vibe in your back garden requires more than a jug of sangria. In fact it requires quite a few things: sunshine, for starters, a few scantily-clad guests, some top tunes and, of course, masses of foam in which to frolic around.
    Foam Factory Foam Factory

    Foam Factory Because let's face it, foam parties rule. Just ask anyone who's ever wiggled their castanets on a foam-filled dance floor. But how do you surround yourself with floods of suds without travelling to a top Mediterranean club? No, you don't shove a bunch of straws in your gob and blow into a bowl of washing-up water; you purchase the ingenious Foam Factory.

    Foam Factory Despite its cartoony appearance, this colourful contraption is capable of creating up to 55 cubic feet of foam in only three minutes. Simply pour in some tear-free shampoo (supplied), add water, plug it in and watch in awe as the Foam Factory starts to spew suds at an incredible rate. You and your friends will be engulfed in foam before you can shout 'pass the loofah'.

    Just imagine the fun you'll have frolicking around in all that lovely foam on a balmy summer evening as you boogie on down to your favourite anthems. If this miraculous machine doesn't make you the most popular party animal in town we don't know what will.

    Foam Factory The Foam Factory really is one of the best outdoor party accessories we've ever seen, as foam seems to bring out the inner-loon in everyone. It also encourages party-goers to remove the odd item of clothing. Which is nice. So get ordering and soap up your soirées before the whole world goes full-on foam-party crazy.

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