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Flyro Gyro
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Flyro Gyro

Chuck it and wheeeee!

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    Flying the Flyro Gyro outdoors

    Great for outdoors

    We see loads of throwable playthings but most of 'em are balls - literally. So imagine our surprise when we heard about Flyro Gyro, an utterly astounding flying doodah that throws like a ball but flies like a jet.

    Looking like something from the twisted mind of Klunk off Dastardly & Muttley, this magnificent flying thingummy is half plane, half gyroscope. And boy, can it fly. We're talking up to 100ft, easy. Think non-corkscrewing American football chucked by that bloke who lobbed his shoes at Dubya and you're on the right track. Better still, depending on how it's thrown, Flyro Gyro will perform all kinds of weird and wonderful stunts.

    flies up to 100ft

    flies up to 100ft!

    With its gyroscopic stabilizer wheel and unique shape, this wacky triumph of aeronautical design will make your old Frisbee seem about as entertaining as a ball of scrunched up toilet paper.

    hand holding the Flyro Gyro

    The faster you spin the wheel the further it flies!

    Simply slide your index finger between the gyro wheel and plane and throw, rolling the gyro off your finger to make it spin. The faster you spin the gyro, the further the plane will fly. Throw it level for straight flight or sideways for curved flight. You can even throw it at the ground for a bit of bounce-and-fly action and bend its foam wings to customise trajectory.

    bend wings to adjust flight

    Bendy wings to adjust flight!

    We would love to tell you exactly how Flyro Gyro works but we're not entirely sure. It's got something to do with the inverse rotation of that all-important gyro wheel combined with…erm, well, we'll get back to you on that one, suffice to say everyone in the park will be totally gobsmacked.

    At just under a tenner Flyro Gyro represents forehead-slappingly good value. Indeed, most park teahouses charge more than that for a couple of coffees and a rock hard muffin. And although you could probably lob said muffin a fair old distance, it is unlikely to impress the park keeper. So get ordering before our entire squadron of Flyro Gyros soars off the shelves. Wheeeee!

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