Flying Alarm Clock
  • Flying Alarm Clock

Flying Alarm Clock

It flies off the handle... and so will you!

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    Waking up sucks. Getting out of bed is horrific. So why on earth would we sell a device that causes you to do both? Put simply it's because you're a shower of lazy so-and-so's who need to shake a leg and get to work in order to pay for all the lovely gizmos on our gloriously orangey site. So there!

    Flying Alarm Clock

    Any minute now...

    Okay, that's not the only reason we've decided to stock the infuriatingly effective Flying Alarm Clock (but it’s one of the best). No, dear readers, we're selling this devious device in order to prevent you rotting away in bed when you could be skipping through butterfly-filled meadows. Or something like that. To paraphrase that well-known philosopher, erm, Jon Bon Jovi, there's plenty of time to sleep when you're dead.

    Flying Alarm Clock
    So what makes the Flying Alarm Clock so get-out-of-beddingly effective, then? Well, as its name suggests this digital clock actually flies. No, really. A propeller-driven module spins off the chic base unit every time the shrill alarm (think Star Trek red alert siren) goes off. So far, so annoying.

    Flying Alarm Clock

    Replace the propeller to turn the alarm off.

    The catch is, the noisy alarm won't turn off until you retrieve the propeller and replace it on the base. Which means you have to get out of bed and search for it. How ingeniously irritating is that? And you won't be able to walk across the room in zombified-autopilot mode like you do when you try the old put-the-alarm-clock-over-there ploy, because the pesky propeller can land anywhere. Aargh!

    The Flying Alarm Clock is an ideal gift for anyone who's incapable of getting up in the morning – and, unless you’re one of those superhuman weirdos whose internal bodyclock wakes them up at 5am to go to the gym, that means you!

    So wakey wakey and get ordering - we reckon the Flying Alarm Clock is all set to, er, fly off the shelves.

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