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Flux Chair
  • Flux Chair

Flux Chair

Fold up, sit out

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    Inspired by a simple origami model, the folding Flux Chair adds a beautiful (and very clever) flourish to any room or garden. Slotted into shape from its compact flat state, this sturdy one-piece chair can be assembled or disassembled in a flash.

    Flux Chair Folded Up Flux Chair Being Stood On Flux Chair Outside

    Compacts flat to just 1.5cm thick!

    Sturdy and reliable

    Great for Outdoors

    Made from flexible plastic, the Flux is perfect for outdoor use – the sweeping, organic curves of the assembled chair look great against a natural setting. Ideal for those impromptu family barbecues or all-back-to-mines in the Summer.

    Assembled in a flash:
    Flux Chair Folding 1 Flux Chair Folding 2 Flux Chair Folding 3

    1) Fold the base flaps

    2) Slot the base together

    3) Slot the back together

    If you find yourself in need a bit of space, the Flux folds down into a manageable flat square, measuring just 1.5cm thick – making it easy to slide it out of sight. So whether you save it for a sunny day, or make it the highlight of your living room, this striking designer chair will adapt to suit you.
    Flux Chair Folding 3

    Available in White, Red and Pebble Grey

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