Fluffy The Interactive Dog
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Fluffy The Interactive Dog

Let’s take a walk

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    colour variations

    Which colour Fluffy will you get?

    Whether it’s a bulldog or a borzoi, a poodle or a pug; the kind of dog you own says a little bit about who you are. So if you’re the pretty, sparkly, fluffy and adorable type; then Fluffy the Interactive Dog is the one for you.

    Take Fluffy on a walk with her light-up lead. This battery-powered pooch will happily trot along with you – although you might want to keep those pristine paws indoors. Give the handle a squeeze and she’ll even bark.

    What’s more, when your friends call round with Fluffies of their own, you can connect the handles and walk them together! Friendly, cooperative and loveable? Now that really is saying something about you.

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