Flowers in a Tin
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Flowers in a Tin

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    For best results it is recommended that you grow your flowers during Spring.

    Saying it with flowers is all well and good, because nothing beats a nice bouquet. Well okay, maybe a Ferrari wrapped in a ribbon does, but you can't really pick one of those up at a late night petrol station on your way home from work. (Well you might be able to if the owner leaves the keys in the ignition but we wouldn't recommend it).

    Flowers in a Tin The point is, a bunch of flowers makes a great gift but it's not exactly original. In fact, it can be rather clichéd. That's why we were so impressed by Flowers in a Tin. As you've probably deduced, Flowers in a Tin are flowers... that come in a tin.

    But wait, the tins in question don't contain actual blooms. That would be far too straightforward. Oh no, the idea here is that you (or the recipient) actually have to turn floriculturist and grow the flowers yourself. And seeing as how giving flowers is all about expressing love, what better way to do it than by compelling someone to shower your gift with a bit of TLC (and a drop of water).

    Flowers in a Tin

    Flowers in a tin Each colourful tin is adorned with a photo of the flowers that will spring forth from the bulbs inside if properly nurtured. Currently you can choose from Freesias, Petunias, Pansies, Sunflowers and Zinnias - all of which are gorgeous varieties that beat crummy petrol station carnations any day of the week.

    Flowers in a tin All you have to do is remove the ring-pull lid, add a drop of water and within 8 to 10 weeks you'll have a floral display that Alan Titchmarsh would give his right welly for. In fact, by putting a fresh twist on the ancient tradition of giving flowers, Flowers in a Tin provide further evidence that it really is the thought that counts. Blooming marvellous!

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