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Flower Rock 2.0
  • Flower Rock 2.0

Flower Rock 2.0

You’re really growing on me

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    LEDs flash and pulse

    Multicoloured LEDs flash and pulse in time to the beat

    Remember those wacky dancing flowers that drove everyone to distraction in the 80s? Well they’re back and better than ever. Providing conclusive evidence that you can’t keep a good craze down, Flower Rock 2.0 are even more annoying, sorry, we mean entertaining than their pre-millennial counterparts.

    Just like before, these boogie-ing blooms sway and dance when they hear music. But thanks to a 21st century upgrade they now boast a built-in Sanyo speaker so you can plug in your MP3 player and rock out alongside your, erm, plastic flower. That’s wearing sunglasses.


    Choose your flash mode

    But wait, if you think that’s mad there’s more: the leaves and petals on each flower are festooned with multicoloured LEDs that flash and pulse in time to the beat. You can even choose between seven different flash modes. Progress? Absolutely!

    Flower Rock 2.0 on a desk

    Plug in your mp3 and rock on!

    It doesn’t matter what music or sound each Flower Rock 2.0 hears, it will dance and flash regardless: heavy petal, the Kaiser Leafs, the poetry of Peat Doherty, re-hashed puns – you name it, this kitsch little gizmo loves it. And because it’s battery operated you can plonk it anywhere you fancy. You can even carry one to work on the bus. At least no one will sit next to you.

    If you really are bonkers with more money than sense, why not daisy chain a bunch of these jolly boppers together to create a field of flashing flora; a rock garden if you will. Don’t ask why, just do as we say or we’ll be forced to watch our entire shipment wilt and die due to an overdose of Miley Cyrus dirge.

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