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Flower Grenade
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Flower Grenade

How does your garden blow?

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    Fancy becoming a green guerrilla? It’s easy with a few Flower Grenades. Designed to introduce vegetation to derelict urban spaces, these biodegradable clay ‘seed bombs’ are packed with soil and various seeds, including ryegrass, poppies and buttercups. Simply chuck ‘em into any neglected urban deadzone to transform it into a blooming garden of greenery. Concrete jungle? Bleurgh!

    Throwing the Flower Grenade The clay pieces of the smashed Flower Grenade Poppy flowers fully grown

    Launch onto a derelict site

    The clay will dissolve
    entirely in the rain

    Watch the flowers grow!

    Flower Grenade Packaging

    Cool packaging

    If you are wondering what’s in it for you, allow us to explain. There are over 175,000 acres of derelict land across the UK. So unless you want to spend the next few years staring at ugly scrubland littered with broken toilet seats, plastic bags and mattresses, we suggest you get lobbing pronto.

    Think of it as your civic duty. The good-for-nothing government will hate you for it, so everyone’s a winner! Besides, the grenades dissolve in the rain, so even confused curtain twitchers can’t complain (unless you’re a really bad shot). It’s like being naughty and nice at the same time. Banksy Titchmarsh? GRENADE!

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