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  • Floodlamp


A (very) bright idea

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    Add some football style to your house!

    There's always an electric atmosphere in a packed stadium (unless *insert name of your least favourite team* are playing). But when night falls you can multiply that spine-tingling feeling by a thousand. And much of that is down to the massive floodlights illuminating the gaff. Indeed, these retina-dazzling monsters are brilliant. Literally. And that's why we've decided it would be great to stick one in the house.

    Sadly, unless you live in the land of the giants, it's a bit difficult plonking a floodlight on your desk or next to your sofa. So thank goodness for the Floodlamp. A perfect gift for style-savvy sports freaks, this high-quality lamp looks just like a stadium floodlight. The difference is, it's small enough to put on a table or next to an armchair. Get in!


    Beautifully crafted

    Crafted in gleaming aluminium, the mains-powered Floodlamp contains six bulbs, so it's bright enough to illuminate any scenario: work, play, Action Man football matches - you name it. You can even swivel the top section to direct the light at the desired angle. It really is a beautifully engineered bit of kit.


    Bright lights

    To add to the realism the Floodlamp emits an electrical hum as it's firing up. You'll get butterflies every time you switch it on. Buy a pair and you can pretend your desk is a pitch and your pens and pencils are Premiership players. If you want.

    A practical and stylish addition to any bachelor pad, the Floodlamp puts other statement lamps firmly in the shade. You can almost hear the roar of the crowd, the peep of the ref's whistle and the guffawing programme seller laughing en route to the bank. So get ordering. It really is completely brilliant.

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