Floating Wine Glass
  • Floating Wine Glass
  • Floating Wine Glass
  • Floating Wine Glass
  • Floating Wine Glass

Floating Wine Glass

Whatever floats your booze

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Floating Wine Glass
Love it as much as we do?
  • Finally, a solution to summer drink wastage
  • Hands free drinking, anywhere with penetrable floors
  • Like the garden, or the park, or the beach
  • They even float in water! Drinks in the pool anyone?
  • A summer spill prevention essential


Hey, put that drink down and come for a game of frisbee/the purchase of an ice cream cone/a dip in the sea! Oh wait, YOU CAN’T. Damn this uneven ground and its natural lumpy contours. If only there were a way to put things down on it without them falling over or getting knocked...

Oh wait (again), THERE IS! Decant your drink into one of these divine goblets and spear it into the sand or soil like the tipsy javelin star you are. Whether you’re slurping on Sauvignon or chucking back Chardonnay, you can trust these Floating Wine Glasses to keep your precious booze safe and sound.

It’ll stay put through even the most energetic rough and tumble. Dogs running about? They won’t tip your Pimms. Mates clowning around with a football? Don’t even worry about it. 7.3 magnitude earthquake? Put your feet up, you’re safe. Well, your drink is, at least.

You could even fill it with ice and put one of those chic little cans of wine in there to keep it cool. So versatile.

Best bit? It floats. Take it in the pool. Take it in the sea. Of course, we’re legally required to discourage you mad lot from taking a drunken dip, but there ain’t nothing wrong with mainlining a little bit of Fanta Lemon mid-breaststroke.

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