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Flipz Pretzels

Flipz meanz om-nom-nomz

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    If there’s any nation on earth more stubbornly committed to perfecting the between-meal-snack than America, we are yet to make their acquaintance. Because when it comes to incredible edibles our US cousins have got the market brick-baked, seasoned, dipped in chocolate and thoroughly wrapped up. To see what we mean, just look at Flipz Pretzels.

    Not content with standard bite-sized pretzels, the experienced nibbleologists at Flipz have dipped these humble savoury snacks in creamy milk chocolate, smooth white fudge and peanut butter – elevating them to new heights of moreishness.

    “Sweet and savoury... together?!” we hear you gawp. You would be surprised how well the flavours work. So surprised in fact, you’re likely to find yourself scrabbling for the loose bits at the bottom of the packet before you’ve given it a second thought. More please!
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