Flip Ultra 2 HD Video Camera
  • Flip Ultra 2 HD Video Camera

Flip Ultra 2 HD Video Camera

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    Available in Magenta or Silver

    Available in Magenta or Silver

    If your normal home movies are about as badly put together as Pete Doherty’s tailoring, what you need is the world’s simplest and easiest camcorder. Trying to catch those beautiful one-off moments without the fuss and bother – and cost – of a heavy-duty model used to mean trading in quality footage for convenience. No longer, traveller.

    Enter the bad boy of mobile movie making: the Flip Ultra 2 HD, the next generation of the digital video camera that has already taken America by storm. Their trick is to be like Herman Munster: simple, sturdy, and with a heart of gold. The Flip Ultra 2 HD is so simple to use, that anyone from 5 to 105 can be a miniature director: press the large button that says ‘on’, press the button that says ‘start’ and hocus pocus – you’re the cul-de-sac’s very own Stanley Kubrick all of a sudden.

    Record button HDMI out USB arm

    Easy to use buttons

    HDMI out

    Flip-out USB arm!

    Filming with the Flip Ultra 2 HD

    Point and shoot!

    Whether you’re shooting your dog dressed up like Yoda for a Star Wars re-enactment or simply your pal Dave falling off a fence in a priceless You’ve Been Framed moment, you’ll be amazed at how well the Flip Ultra 2 HD stands up to the scrutiny of critics: with 4GB of memory on board, which is enough for 1 hour’s filming, 30 frames per second at a crisp 1280 x 720 pixels in MPG4 format. There’s no need to worry about the palaver of focusing – it’s automatic, and with a 2x zoom available you’ll be able to dispense with your Gaffer, Best Boy and all the rest of the crew.

    Flip Digital Video Camera Soft Pouch pack available

    Soft Pouch pack available

    You’ll be pleased to hear that just like Gremlins, the SAS and moths, Flip cameras excel in low light conditions – so indoors shooting and evening trips are a doddle to put down for posterity, even when you compare the results to cameras five times the price. The skinny Ultra 2 HD model takes AA batteries for convenience while you’re away from power sources.

    When you’re done shooting, just press stop. No clapperboards required. And here’s the really smart thing: all the Flip cameras have natty little USB plugs built into their casings that flip out at the touch of a button and let you download your movies in a trice, with no cables to lose. There’s also no software to lose either – all the technical jiggery-pokery lives inside the Flip’s body, so as soon as it’s plugged in you’re ready to watch your creations – what the hell, even upload them directly to YouTube. This is the 21st century after all. Oscars, here we come!

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