Flip Sync iPhone Cable
  • Flip Sync iPhone Cable

Flip Sync iPhone Cable

Cable on your keys

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    Flip Sync iPhone Cable

    I've got the key!

    Charging and syncing your iPhone/iPod is a doddle, isn’t it? Simply plug in that USB cable and…er, now where did we put it? Um…oh fiddlesticks, we left it at home. Thankfully one of our clever product scouts has got a Flip Sync iPhone Cable dangling from his keyring. Result!

    Flip Sync iPhone Cable

    Charge it and sync

    Not the most exciting iPhone accessory but surely the handiest, this nifty little plastic fob flips open to reveal a short cable with an iPod connector on one end and a USB 2.0 plug on the other. Simply pop it in your pocket and you can charge and sync your beloved gizmo wherever you may roam.

    Just think, with a Flip Sync on your keyring you can pilfer tracks from laptop-toting friends (woohoo, Joe McElderry) and whoosh in a bit of power without having to walk around with a tangled lead in your pocket. Waddya sync of them apples!

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