Fling Mini Joysticks for iPhone
  • Fling Mini Joysticks for iPhone

Fling Mini Joysticks for iPhone

Twiddle your thumbsticks

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    Become the iPhone arcade master

    With iPhone games getting ever more complicated (and competitive) it’s about time we started to see some performance-boosting accessories. And the Fling Mini Joysticks for iPhone don’t disappoint. Just like their big brother, the Fling Joystick for iPad, this stylish pair of thumbsticks attaches to your Apple gadget with clear suction cups. So they can be attached in a flash and leave no sticky marks. Just pop them on, centre them over your games’ touchscreen controls and begin!

    in the bag

    Carry bag also cleans the screen

    Springs inside the joysticks naturally return them to their upright position, giving you tactile feedback that touchscreen controls simply can’t match. So whether you’re playing FIFA or Meow Meow Happy Fight, you’ll be sure to have an edge.

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