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Fliklite Torch

    Fliklite Torch

    Make like Jamie, with your very own magic torch

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      Would the kids in Blair Witch have been quite so petrified if they'd been packing a Fliklite torch instead of a puny half-arsed 'flashlight'? I very much doubt it. You don't see the British or US Special Forces hurling themselves headlong into a dimly lit firefight with a £2.99 torch from Esso mounted on their state-of-the-art automatic weapons, do you? So why make do with a trashy, throw away plastic torch when you can light up the stratosphere with the obscenely powerful Fliklite?

      Actually, there is another option, but that involves buying 24,000 candles and nipping round with a Bic attempting to light the lot, while simultaneously trying to keep the elements from blowing them out. Bit of a non-starter, really.

      The Fliklite is bright - its ultra-bright LED is guaranteed for 50,000 hours, so you'll never experience the terror of having your torch dramatically fade while fleeing from a cloaked, axe-wielding madman through a remote forest, for example.

      The Fliklite is waterproof to a depth of 30 metres and features a unique, patented on/off switch: a flick of the wrist turns it on and tapping the base turns it off. Hence the name.

      It's a bit tricky to explain - but if you watch the video you'll get the idea...

      New! Fliklite LS:1
      The new, improved LS:1 is the state-of-the-art in torch tech. Its sturdy body is constructed from solid, hand-polished CNC machined aluminium, and its ergonomic design is so sexy we guarantee you'll be unable to resist pretending that it's some form of hi-tech weapon whilst posing with it in the mirror (or is that just us?).

      Its awesome light output is equivalent to 18 conventional high power diodes, making it one of the brightest torches we've ever winced at. In fact, the LS:1's makers claim that its beam is visible from 5 miles. For anyone who demands the very best, the Fliklite LS:1 is just the ticket. Utterly brilliant!

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