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    Available in Light Blue,
    White and Pink

    Anyone with a baby these days will be familiar with the miniature garden ponds that are sold as baby baths. True, these great big plastic tubs make bathing your little one far easier (and safer) than in a grown-up sized bath. But where in Ballamory are you meant to put them once you’ve finished?

    Usually they’ll end up cluttering the family bathroom or being consigned to the spare room. But if you’ve got a Flexibath you can just fold it up after use and pop it out of the way.

    This forehead-slappingly simple plastic design folds almost completely flat, making storing it far simpler. A non-slip surface on the bottom keeps your baby comfortable and the tough polypropylene walls are rigid enough to avoid any spills. When bath time is over, simply pull out the rubber plug in the bottom and let the water drain away. Now, if only we could find a flat-pack rubber duck.
    Opened out Folded down View from above


    Folded down

    View from above

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