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Flexi-Bar Pro
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Flexi-Bar Pro

Wobble your way to fitness

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    Such a simple but effective piece of equipment

    Harnessing the growing craze of fitness-through-wiggling (or “vibration training”, as everyone else is calling it), the Flexi-Bar Pro is a great piece of kit for giving you an all-over workout, stretching tired muscles, or warming up or down in the gym.

    The simple flexible bar is weighted at each end, so holding it in the middle will naturally create a wobbling motion from the slightest movement. The trick is to gently move the bar back and forth to create a steady rhythm.

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    Work away those bingo wings

    Lots of exercises to try out

    Tone up your whole body

    Just getting a wobble-on like this is great exercise for the arms, but combine the technique with some other simple steps and you can use it as part of a full body workout. The Flexi-Bar Pro comes with a wall chart of eighteen examples, (as well as a training DVD and carry bag) but if they’re not enough, their website is stocked with downloadable tutorials and advice for targeting your own wobbly bits.

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