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Won’t leave a bad taste in your mouth

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    No one really sends letters these days, which is a shame, because they convey so much more personality than an email or an SMS. Snail mail is just so old fashioned.

    But, it’s a little known fact that the reason people stopped sending letters was due to the taste. You see, it’s been scientifically proven that envelope glue tastes like a combination of burned hair and old socks, guaranteed to leave a bad taste in your mouth.

    Thankfully, Flavorlopes are on a mission to bring the letter back, with these deliciously flavoured envelopes. The pack includes five of each fantastically fruity flavour; Apple, Cherry, Grape, Orange and Strawberry.

    Snail mail never tasted so sweet.
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    Due to the nature of this product, we are unable to offer our usual 30-day, no-quibble returns policy, if you later change your mind, or otherwise decide to return the product through no fault of Firebox. Click here for more info.

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